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Exclusive Indie spotlight: Project Apidom: A Hybrid Gaming Experience That’s Breaking Barriers

The gaming landscape is a dynamic and ever-shifting space, where innovation is rewarded.  This is where indie developers often shine brightest, pushing the boundaries of what we expect from our games.  Their passion fuels their creativity, birthing unique concepts and revolutionary gameplay experiences that challenge the status quo. Project Apidom, a new title from Breach.GG and RedTigerPro, stands as a shining example of this indie spirit.

Project Apidom is far more than just another game; it's poised to make waves in the industry.  This exciting entry seamlessly blends the character progression and depth of RPGs (Role-Playing Games) with the fast-paced, strategic combat that defines the MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) genre. The potential for further innovation lies in the game's social media integration and optional blockchain elements.  This fusion of familiar and cutting-edge promises a truly unique and compelling experience for every type of player.

To gain deeper insights into Project Apidom, I had the privilege of engaging in a captivating conversation with the game's creator, Remigijus Zinys, and its publisher, Aaron from RedTigerPro.  Their unbridled passion for the project was undeniable as they shared the inspirations behind the game,  divulged its intricate gameplay mechanics, and explored the challenges they faced during development. Additionally, they discussed their collaborative efforts and outlined ambitious content plans, painting a vivid picture of this ambitious indie title and the shared vision to elevate the indie gaming landscape.

Understanding Project Apidom

The Core Concept

Project Apidom is a novel experiment in genre-bending. It seamlessly merges the strategic decision-making and character development found in RPGs with the fast-paced, team-based combat of MOBAs. The result is a game that offers both depth and accessibility, catering to a diverse range of players.

Players begin by creating and customizing their character. Unlike traditional RPGs where classes limit a character's abilities and gear, Project Apidom throws wide the door for creative character development. Players are free to mix and match gear and skills, fostering unique playstyles and strategic possibilities. This freedom of choice allows players to experiment and discover what works best for them, creating a character that reflects their preferred combat approach and strategic vision.


Project Apidom features a thrilling three-vs-three-vs-three format, where teams strategize and battle not only other players but also AI-controlled enemies scattered throughout the map. These enemies provide a constant source of challenge and experience points, and defeating them grants buffs that can significantly enhance a team's combat prowess. However, these AI enemies are not pushovers. They are strategically positioned and programmed to defend key areas and objectives, forcing players to adapt their tactics and work together to overcome these obstacles.

The primary objective in Project Apidom is to defeat a powerful raid boss located in the center of the map. This boss presents a formidable challenge that requires coordinated teamwork to overcome. However, defeating the raid boss is not the only way to achieve victory. Teams can also win by eliminating the opposing player teams or by accumulating enough points through strategic control of capture points and the elimination of AI enemies. This multifaceted approach to victory keeps matches dynamic and engaging, as teams must constantly assess the battlefield situation and adapt their strategies accordingly.

Project: Apidom Gameplay Trailer

Character Progression and Customization

Basically everything you're doing in our social platform [Breach.GG] like chatting, inviting friends, creating lobbies, putting content online... you're getting experience and raising your profile level like in Facebook, you know, you have pictures about you, etc. But in our platform we get strength, dexterity, vitality and other statistics. And everything you do by socializing, you bring back to project Apidom game.

Remigijus, talking about how socializing on their platform brings you in-game stats.

Character progression in Project Apidom is a deep and rewarding experience that allows players to tailor their characters to their preferred playstyle. By earning experience points through battles and completing objectives, players increase their profile level, unlocking new skill points that can be invested in various stats like Strength, Vitality, Mentality, and Luck.

Each stat has a unique impact on a character's abilities. Strength, for example, enhances physical damage output, while Vitality increases a character's health pool and resilience. Mentality governs a character's magical abilities and energy reserves, and Luck influences critical hit chance and other beneficial random effects. This flexible system allows players to create well-rounded characters or specialize in specific areas, depending on their preferences. Additionally, players can acquire and equip new gear that provides stat bonuses and unique skill effects, further enhancing their character's capabilities.

As players progress through the game, they will unlock new skill trees that offer a wider range of skills to choose from. These skills can be passive or active, and they can significantly alter a character's combat effectiveness. The freedom to experiment with different skill combinations and gear setups is a core aspect of Project Apidom's character progression system, encouraging players to refine their builds and discover powerful synergies.

Monetization and Fairness

Project Apidom embraces the free-to-play model, which provides a low barrier to entry for players.  The primary method of monetization comes in the form of optional microtransactions.  While players can opt to purchase premium packages and cosmetic skins, ensuring the game's long-term sustainability, the developers remain committed to providing a level playing field. Core gameplay features and essential items will always remain accessible through regular gameplay, ensuring that skill and dedication are the primary factors for success, not a player's willingness to spend.  This approach creates a healthy gaming ecosystem based on fair play and fosters a community where players can feel good about the time and effort they invest in the game.

Blockchain Integration

Project Apidom's partnership with Wemix Play introduces optional blockchain integration, a step that many traditional gamers might initially view with skepticism.  However, this integration is designed for seamless cross-play between players on traditional platforms and those who choose to utilize blockchain technology. 

Basically, we're all gamers, and I don't want to discriminate against anyone. Our game is available on Steam and the Epic Games Store, so regular gamers can enjoy it freely. But let's say you're interested in blockchain technology – we're partnered with Wemix Play for marketing and further console development. This will allow players to exchange, sell, and trade items on the blockchain.

Importantly, there will be crossplay. Regular gamers will be playing with blockchain gamers without even knowing it, and vice-versa. Because at the end of the day, we're all gamers, and there's no need to differentiate. If you enjoy the technology, then use it! That's all there is to it."

Remijigus talking about the blockchain integration to Project: Apidom

The intention is to foster player autonomy,  allowing gamers to engage on their preferred terms without creating divisions. This approach respects player choice and avoids the forced adoption of emerging technologies. Additionally, the developers seem to be approaching blockchain integration with the goal of enhancing the gaming experience, potentially offering new avenues for item ownership and trading while remaining mindful of not disrupting regular gameplay.

RedTigerPro’s Role

...between being a producer and being a marketer, that's kind of come together to be a publisher.

Aaron Bothne, talking about how RedTigerPro evolved into becoming a publishing platform.

As Project Apidom's publisher, RedTigerPro brings specialized expertise in indie game development and marketing, helping smaller studios reach a broader audience. Aaron's passion and belief in Project Apidom are apparent; his support has undoubtedly played a key role in the game's development and impending launch. RedTigerPro's experience and resources are likely helping to shape Project Apidom's marketing strategy, ensuring the game finds its way to its core audience of avid gamers.

The Future of Project Apidom

project apidom kami armor
Project: Apidom, Kami Armor

The launch of Project Apidom on March 29, 2024, is just the beginning. An extensive roadmap promises new content, including additional factions, maps, weapons, and skills, suggesting the game world will offer significant variety to maintain player interest. The possibility of additional game modes also adds to the long-term replayability and potential of Project Apidom.  These planned expansions indicate a commitment to nurturing a dynamic and vibrant game world that offers continuous engagement for its community, ensuring that players will always have new experiences and goals to strive for.

Looking ahead

Indie games ignite innovation within the gaming world, and Project Apidom exemplifies this forward-thinking spirit.  It's the unique blend of well-established gaming elements with cutting-edge features and ideas that sets this game apart. The developers and publishers are clearly committed to making the game accessible and fair, which is refreshing in an industry often driven by monetization schemes. Their commitment to evolving the game world and gameplay suggests longevity - key to maintaining a thriving playerbase.

If you're a gamer who enjoys fresh experiences that defy expectations and embrace a mix of genres, Project Apidom holds great potential to become a favorite.  Take the plunge into its thrilling three-way battles and discover the captivating world that awaits. It's clear that Project Apidom has a bright future, and it's exciting to anticipate how the developers will continue to refine and expand this unique hybrid gaming experience.

Project: Apidom Cinematic Trailer
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