Pokémon With Guns Game, ‘Palworld’, Sells Over 5 Million Copies In 3 Days

Even prior to entering early access, Palworld garnered attention as the game referred to as 'Pokémon with guns.' As anticipated, this monster-taming survival sensation quickly soared to the top of Steam's best-selling list, amassing over four million copies in just three days.

This recent achievement follows the game surpassing the one million sales mark within the first eight hours of its release. However, it remains unclear whether these figures include players from Xbox Game Pass and the Epic Games Store. Initial reports indicated Palworld had over 1.3 million concurrent players across all platforms, joining the exclusive club of titles like Cyberpunk 2077, Dota 2, Counter-Strike 2, PUBG: Battlegrounds, and Lost Ark to cross the one million threshold.

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Palworld: a huge sales momentum

As per an update on X / Twitter, the sales momentum has continued to surge, reaching 86,000 units per hour at the time of writing. Despite this success, the game encountered server issues during its opening weekend on January 19, with connection problems becoming widespread.

It's worth noting that the Xbox version currently lags behind the Steam version in terms of functionality, raising concerns amid the game's successful launch. Apart from its visual resemblance to the Pokémon series, fans have drawn attention to the studio CEO's pro-artificial intelligence (AI) stance and the use of AI in other Pocketpair games, leading to allegations that Palworld was developed in a similar manner.

A recent report has provided additional context, offering insights into the project's background, although it doesn't excuse Pocketpair's past actions regarding AI use.

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