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Hello Geeks! It's already Sunday, March 3, 2024, and you know what that means? It's time to catch up on geek news with your Geekin' Weekly Digest!

Get comfortable, bring out your favorite figurines, and dive with us into the thrilling world of pop culture!

Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile – Gear Up for Global Launch on March 21st!


After months of anticipation and limited release testing, Call of Duty: Warzone Mobile is finally gearing up for a global launch on March 21, 2024! Developed by Activision and Digital Legends, this highly-anticipated battle royale title promises to deliver an authentic and immersive experience right on your mobile device.

Here's what you need to know:

  • Platforms: Available on both Android and iOS devices.
  • Maps: Dive into iconic battlegrounds with Verdansk (120 players) and Rebirth Island (48 players) at launch.
  • Multiplayer: Experience classic Call of Duty action with fan-favorite maps like Shipment, Shoot House, and Scrapyard.
  • Shared Progression: Your progress in Warzone Mobile seamlessly ties into Modern Warfare 3 and the PC/console versions of Warzone.
  • Battle Royale: Experience the thrill of Verdansk's sprawling landscape or take on the fast-paced action of Rebirth Island.
  • Multiplayer Modes: Enjoy classic multiplayer action with modes like Team Deathmatch, Domination, Kill Confirmed, Search & Destroy, and their Hardcore variants.
  • Social Features: Stay connected with friends across platforms through a shared friend list, chat channels, and in-game features.
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Pre-registration is now open on both the iOS App Store and Google Play Store, securing your spot for launch day and granting access to exclusive rewards!

Parasyte: The Grey lands on Netflix in April 2024!

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Attention to fans of Hitoshi Iwaaki's manga Parasyte! Get ready to discover Parasyte: The Grey, a fascinating live-action adaptation directed by the renowned Train to Busan filmmaker, Yeon Sang-Ho.

Synopsis: The story of Parasyte: The Grey unfolds in a world where unidentified parasitic life forms, known as "parasites," feed on human hosts and strive to increase their power. As these parasites begin to disrupt society, a group of brave humans decides to wage war against this growing menace.

Production: The direction of Parasyte: The Grey has been entrusted to Yeon Sang-Ho, a South Korean director renowned for his successful films like Train to Busan and Hellbound. This live-action adaptation is a first for the Parasyte manga, promising to remain faithful to its spirit while offering a new perspective on this poignant and captivating narrative.

The series was filmed from September 2022 to February 2023 and is currently in post-production. The release of Parasyte: The Grey is scheduled for April 2024 on the Netflix platform.


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The cast of Parasyte: The Grey features talented actors such as:

  • Jeon So Nee (Scripting Your Destiny, When My Love Blooms) in the role of Jung Soo In, a woman infected by a parasite.
  • Koo Kyo Hwan (D.P., Extraordinary Attorney Woo) in the role of Seol Kang Woo, a man searching for a water parasite to find his missing sister.
  • Lee Jung Hyun (The Techno Queen, Peninsula) in the role of Choi Jun Kyung, the team leader of the parasitic life team "The Grey."

Parasyte: The Grey is shaping up to be an intriguing and frightening live-action adaptation of this cult manga. With its captivating storyline, talented direction, and promising cast, this series is one to watch closely!

Naruto Gears Up for a Live-Action Debut on the Big Screen!

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Masashi Kishimoto's iconic manga, Naruto, is set to make its grand leap onto the big screen with a live-action adaptation. This news has been met with enthusiasm from fans worldwide, eagerly anticipating the exploration of Naruto's universe on the cinema screen and the realization of their favorite characters.

Naruto Uzumaki, a young orphaned ninja with dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village, faces the challenges of his pariah status head-on. Despite the obstacles in his path, Naruto never ceases to persevere and fight for his dreams.

Endowed with immense courage and unwavering determination, Naruto achieves extraordinary feats. His contagious optimism and determination inspire friends and teammates alike, enabling him to overcome the most formidable trials.

Naruto is a profoundly human character, fighting for what he believes is just. His journey to become Hokage is, above all, a quest for recognition and acceptance. He seeks love and respect from the villagers who have always rejected him due to the nine-tailed fox demon trapped within him. Despite the trials and suffering it causes him, Naruto is willing to do whatever it takes to fulfill his dream and protect his village.

The story of Naruto is one of perseverance, friendship, and courage. It's a narrative that encourages readers never to abandon their dreams, even in the face of the most challenging obstacles.


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Destin Daniel Cretton, director of Marvel Studios' successful film, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, will helm the writing and directing of the project. He will also serve as a producer alongside Jeyun Munford through their company, Hisako. Masashi Kishimoto, the creator of the beloved manga, has given his approval for the live-action adaptation and will be actively involved in the project—a quality assurance for fans who can rest assured the film is in capable hands.

Casting: The cast has not yet been revealed, leaving fans in suspense regarding the actors who will embody the series' iconic characters like Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Gaara.

Filming and Release: Filming is set to commence in 2024, with a planned release in 2025. While a significant undertaking, fans trust the production team to do justice to the original work. Mark your calendars for 2025 to witness Naruto in live-action!

Apple Abandons Project Titan: A Setback, but not the End for EVs and AVs Industry?


Apple's withdrawal from Project Titan sheds light on the complex nature and challenges within the electric and autonomous vehicles (EV/AV) industry. While this sector promises a transportation revolution, numerous obstacles persist.

Key Points:

  • Unfulfilled Promises: Project Titan faced directional changes and missed launch dates.
  •  Challenges in the EV/AV Industry: Cost, technological hurdles (autonomous driving), and vague regulations impede progress.
  • Reasons for Apple's Withdrawal: Industry uncertainties, difficulties in building a complete vehicle, and a potential shift towards software development.

Hope Beyond Apple:

  •  Established players like Tesla and traditional automakers are advancing in the realm of EVs and partially autonomous vehicles.
  •  Encouraging advancements in battery technology and charging infrastructure.

The Future:

  •  Collaboration is crucial to overcoming challenges and paving the way for a future where EVs and autonomous vehicles become commonplace.
  •  Apple's withdrawal doesn't necessarily signal the end of innovation; they might shift focus to autonomous driving software development.

The EV/AV industry stands at a crossroads. Despite challenges, the potential for a revolutionized future remains, and overcoming these obstacles requires collaborative efforts.

That's all for the news this week. Before bidding you farewell, we are delighted to introduce a new section in this edition and the ones to come:

The Geekin' Quiz

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Test your knowledge and prove you're a true geek!

The Geekin' Quiz consists of 5 questions covering the geek world (movies, series, anime, manga, video games, etc.). Each question has 4 possible choices, with only one correct answer.

Answer correctly and demonstrate your expertise in geek culture!

The answers will be revealed in the next edition. Feel free to share your responses in the comments.

Good luck!

Geekin' Quiz #1


Question: In which film is the main character an android dreaming of becoming a real human?


  • Blade Runner
  • Terminator
  • Ex Machina
  • A.I. Artificial Intelligence

Geekin' Quiz #2

TV Series

Question: What is the TV series that follows the adventures of a group of geeky friends living in Pasadena, California?


  • The Big Bang Theory
  • Silicon Valley
  • Mr. Robot
  • Black Mirror

Geekin' Quiz #3


Question: What is the name of the main character in the anime "Attack on Titan"?


  • Eren Yeager
  • Mikasa Ackerman
  • Armin Arlert
  • Levi Ackerman

Geek Quiz #4


Question: What is the name of the seinen science-fiction manga written and illustrated by Tsutomu Nihei, published between 2000 and 2014, featuring an amnesiac character in a devastated world?


  • Blame!
  • Biomega
  • Knights of Sidonia
  • Noise

Geek Quiz #5

Video Games

Question: What is the name of the video game that follows the adventures of a character tasked with saving the world from an evil dragon?


  • Skyrim
  • The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt
  • Dragon Age: Inquisition
  • World of Warcraft
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Have you found all the answers to the Geek Quiz? We are eager to discover your results!

That wraps up this week's edition of Geekin' Weekly Digest. We hope you enjoyed this content and gained new insights. Feel free to share your comments and suggestions with us.

Until next time!

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