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Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Deadly Omen – Season 1 of Year 9

The wait is almost over! Rainbow Six Siege's Season 1 of Year 9, named Operation Deadly Omen, is set to launch on March 12, 2024. This new season promises to be content-rich, featuring a new operator, significant gameplay changes, and much more.

Deimos, the New Attacker

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Deimos is an attacking operator, and his unique gadget, the Deathmark Tracker, allows him to launch a flying probe that tracks a designated enemy, revealing their position to both Deimos and the tracked foe. Deimos is also equipped with an AK-47, a tactical shotgun, and the custom Vendetta pistol.

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Gameplay Changes

Operation Deadly Omen introduces several significant changes to Rainbow Six Siege's gameplay. Some of the most notable include:

  1. Shield Redesign: Shields can no longer be used for hip-firing. Operators with shields can now sprint with their shields raised.
  2. Overhauled Aim System: The ADS (Aim Down Sight) speed has been adjusted for all operators, with new weapon attachments also introduced.
  3. Ranked Matchmaking Conditions: Players must now reach level 20 and enable two-factor authentication to participate in ranked matches.

In addition to Deimos and gameplay changes, Operation Deadly Omen also includes:

  • New Reputation System: Players can now earn or lose reputation based on their in-game behavior.
  • Inventory Management Menu: This menu allows players to easily customize their equipment.
  • User Interface Enhancements: The game's user interface has been improved for better navigation.

The Future Of Rainbow Six Siege

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Operation Deadly Omen is just the beginning of Rainbow Six Siege's Year 9. Ubisoft has already announced three more seasons slated for the year, each bringing its share of new content and changes.

Year 9 shapes up to be a pivotal year for Rainbow Six Siege. With a new reputation system, an in-game marketplace, and numerous other planned changes, Ubisoft is clearly committed to supporting the game for years to come.

Operation Deadly Omen marks a promising start to Rainbow Six Siege's new season. With an intriguing new operator, significant gameplay changes, and a host of other content, there's much to look forward to for fans of the game.

You can watch the trailer for Rainbow Six Siege: Operation Deadly Omen here.

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